Yosemite National Park on film

The Great Yosemite! This was one of the highlights of my trip. I was fortunate to be there in a "less" busy season because during the summer it gets totally packed. But even then, it was still pretty busy! Going on one of the more secluded trails is really the only way to get some solitude. It was still pretty foggy in the afternoons but I was happy to get some sun in between.

On day 2 we went for a hike through the meadows in the valley. I love the mid-morning light on film. It was so peaceful and pleasant. The birds are so different than the birds in Florida - so many colors and songs. Just watching them alone was a great activity. Now that I've seen Yosemite with my own eyes and heart, I'm looking forward to reading the works of John Muir and how he processed the valley almost 100 years ago.

All images were taken with the Hasselblad 503CW and the Carl Zeiss Planar T* 2.8/80 on Kodak Portra 400. Scanned and processed by Richard Photo Lab.