Studying Abroad in France

Time flies! It’s been five years since I studied abroad in France. Back then I was in a less serious phase of photography but I made sure to snap what caught my eye. After that I kept the photos in cold storage and just rarely thought about them. I’m glad I revisited and edited them, even though they’re JPEGs ;-). Europe has a scenic nature about it that basically always looks awesome, so I’m happy to look back and see a handful of images I’d still take today. I stayed in Metz, but also visited Reims, Strasbourg, Normandy (Bayeux and Mont-Saint-Michel), and Paris.

On an art history note, I always wondered where Claude Monet got his color inspiration for Le Grand Canal. When I saw the sun setting over Paris from Montmartre, I finally understood. Perhaps the sky turns this color in Florida on occasion, but I’ve never seen it blanket a city as beautifully as it did in my only evening in Paris (below).

Additionally, my business student cohort visited The Louvre but it seemed only a couple of us knew what we were actually looking at. It really made all the difference to have a studied background, not just in the museum but during the entire trip. It’s a shame how much you miss in plain sight without basic art history knowledge… so if you’re planning a trip, brush up!! You’ll be glad you did.