White Christmas on Portra 400

Happy Spring! It took me this long to get my rolls finished and developed from my Operation Christmas: See Some Snow trip. I went to Beech Mountain in North Carolina and tried my hand at skiing. I did pretty well actually, and by pretty well I mean that I didn’t have any dramatic falls.

These are from the first two rolls in my Leica M2 with the Zeiss C Biogon 35mm 2.8 lens. The resolution of medium format has definitely spoiled me. However the ease of use and relative light weightedness of the Leica was refreshing. I adjusted most of these images in post to get the white balance a little less warm purple toned.

The first two images were processed by Indie Film Lab and the rest were processed by Richard Photo Lab. I found that Indie had all of my images shifted green while Richard had them all shifted magenta.

I decided to Sunny 16 these images and just added a few stops to adjust for the snow. It worked out pretty well. Didn’t underexpose a single shot.