Small Town, USA - Fuji X100F first images

I had an opportunity to take a small road trip to Gainesville today, so here are a few of my favorite snapshots. I brought along my Fuji x100F which I LOVE!! I ate lunch at Satchel's, a local favorite for pizza. You can even eat at a table in their VW bug!

We took the scenic route which had a lot of farms and horses. I tried getting these beautiful award winning horses to come over to me... but they were more interested in their lunch. ;-)

Most people describe the back-route from Orlando to Gainsville as a whole lotta nothin'. Living in city/suburbs my whole life made the farms and plains an exciting change of pace for me, however.


The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium part II

I shot these photos with my handy new Sony RX100iii. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with what I was able to capture (though it took more effort than my A7ii would normally need). However, if you choose to be intentional, it's still possible to capture great shots with such a "pocket rocket". It definitely was a lot harder to capture tack sharp candid shots indoors, but hey, it's a small price to pay for portability.