Easter Baby Reveal at Kraft Azalea Gardens

Easter Baby Reveal at Kraft Azalea Gardens

Hippity hoppy, a baby's on the way! I had a great time collaborating with the Morales family for their baby announcement. It was a pleasant coincidence that Becky's 3 month mark was right near Easter Sunday so we made the most of it! I love Spring! We went to Kraft Azalea Gardens and it didn't disappoint. Congratulations Becky, June, and Alysia!

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"Yahweh" Single by Jameil Walls

Jameil's new single, "Yahweh", is coming out on March 30th. Him, Olivia and I collaborated on a project to get some promo material and it was a lot of fun! We did it at the church and it was my first time working with lighting. We used a large box light and I was able to take my time to experiment point it just right. Here's one of my favorite shots.

"Yahweh" is now available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Welcome, England Rose!

She's here! I had such a great time shooting Olivia's maternity shoot, and just a few days later England Rose was born. Phew!


This was my first newborn shoot and it was an interesting journey. Everything was on England's terms since she obviously doesn't respond to commands yet or even really know whats going on at all. After all, she was only about 12 days old in these photos.

I was excited to get so many "one of a kind" shots of her making expressions and bonding with her parents. It was also a relief! By now she has already changed and grown so much and I'm pleased that I was able to capture her how she came into the world.


I had a great time photographing the kids ministry this weekend. Though I'm not sure which I liked more - capturing moments or getting to play on the playground.

Kids know how to have a great time.