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Falcon Heavy Test Launch at Kennedy Space Center

After years of development, it was finally time for SpaceX to send a Tesla Roadster into space. I got "Feel The Heat" tickets and waited my way through lines of people at Kennedy Space Center to get a front row view. Bill Nye was the guest speaker.


As a rare and special treat, we got to visit the KSC landing strip. Even the bus driver was excited. Then we made our way to the viewing area. It was a beautiful day out and I had plenty of good conversation with fellow photographers. A few bald eagles flew by as if it was a sign saying, "AMERICA" and also, "yes, this rocket will launch today and you won't have to come back tomorrow".

When it launched, everyone was so excited. It was slow moving - an illusion of the angle and a reality of it's size. It was loud. It was awesome. I didn't "feel the heat", which was actually a relief. When the Falcon Heavy was mid-air, the entire viewing area got quiet... because after all, this was a test launch and the safety message was replaying in our heads about how we are in an inherently risky zone. Oh right...


Once the rocket disappeared, we waited a few minutes for the booster landings. The sonic boom happened right about the time they landed and it sounded like loud fireworks in the distance. Mission accomplished!

Biker taking a break from traffic on the NASA Causeway

Biker taking a break from traffic on the NASA Causeway